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   On a beautiful night, Princess Twilight Sparkle was studying on a book called Old Dark Legends of Equestria! The book is very old and dusty, it about creatures from a another world that love to eat pony and make them into slaves. She was finish reading the book and she was tired then, Twilight walk on top of the stairs and saw Spike was asleep on his bed. Then, Twilight hear a loud noise from outside of her house and saw a dark figure with three horns passing her house. She said,"what was that?" she woke up Spike from his sleep.Twilight tell Spike that she saw a dark figure and go to check on! Spike don't care about it, but she take Spike with her anyway. They follow the figure into the Evergreen forest, the creature stop, Twilight try to take a good look at the creature and he like a stallion with fangs and three red horns ,and he turn around. Twilight and Spike hide in the bushes, the creature don't see no one, so he back around, then his three horns is stated to glow then, a large red portal was open! The portal has suck in the creature into it ,but twilight and spike was too close to it that the portal has suck in both of them into it too. They has fall and hit the ground, they stand back up and they discover that they are not in Equestria anymore but a different world. This unknown world has a red and black sky with a yellow moon and no sun, trees are dark brown that look like it is dead and there are no animal around in the area! Next, they hear a loud stomping noise. They look around and saw a 12-feet minotaur with large sharp teeth, wearing a golden armor and holding a battle ax. The minotaur saw they, he make a loud roar, and he started to charge at them. Twilight grab Spike, put him on her back, then try to fly away, but the minotaur grabbed a large rock and throw at her. The rock hit her right wing and they fell down. They started run away, but they was corner by the minotaur, the minotaur grab twilight and pick her up ,he opened his mouth and the minotaur is going about to eat her. "I will save you, Twilight," said Spike. So, Spike run into a big tree and used his fire-breath to burn the bottom of the tree and cause it fall down on the minotaur. The Tree hit the minotaur on top of his head, cause he to drop Twilight to the ground, and the minotaur was success unconscious, Twilight's wing was still broken so decide they ran into the forest before the minotaur wake up.


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